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Our stores are open nearly 24/7. Are you able to accommodate early start times, late start times, split shifts, weekends, overtime hours, and holidays?

"My schedule is quite flexible with the exception of Sunday mornings. I am eager to work as many hours as possible and will certainly be available to work overtime as needed."

"My schedule requires me to work a typical 8-4 Monday to Friday and my weekend availability is completely open."

The interviewer would like to know if there are restrictions on your availability. If your schedule is wide open, that is great - but, most people do have some conflicts in their schedule. Discuss your availability openly with the hiring manager.

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What do you know about Meijer?

"I have researched your company online and see that you have been around for over 50 years, first starting out as a family owned and operated local grocer. Your work environment seems very friendly, your stores are clean, and I am happy to see that you were recently recognized as a Top 100 Employer in our state!"

"I have researched your company online and really like what I see so far. I know that you are very focused on your customers while still keeping a great investment into your employees. Your workplace culture seems open and communicative which is exactly what I am looking for."

The interviewer would like to know that you are engaged in the interview process and that you have researched Meijer prior to attending your interview. Discuss a couple of the positive points you have come across and be sure to compliment the organization on a recent award or achievement.

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We are in a very competitive market. Why do you want to work for Meijer?

"I do understand that your industry is very competitive; however, I feel that you stand out from the crowd. I want to work for your company because you are a Top 100 Employer with a strong reputation for quality products and friendly service."

"I chose to apply to your organization because I have a few friends who work for you and they have amazing things to say. Reputation is everything and your industry reputation seems really great."

Discuss with the interviewer the reasons why working for Meijer would be a top choice for you vs. their competitors. Personalize your answer by utilizing the research you have conducted on their organization.

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In this role with Meijer there are a few levels of management. Tell me about your ability to accept guidance and feedback from multiple managers.

"In my last position I worked in the stocking department and was required to answer to the deli, bakery, and produce managers. I am accustomed to working with multiple managers. This experience has helped me to learn more about how important clear communication is."

"I have no issue when it comes to accepting feedback from multiple supervisors or managers. I truly believe that we can all learn so much from each-other. I always appreciate constructive feedback when its coming from a good place."

Assure the interviewer that you are accustomed to working with multiple department managers at a time. Give an example of a time where you have worked with cross-functional management teams.

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Do you prefer to work in a team based position or individually?


I applied online. I interviewed at Meijer (Grand Rapids, MI (US)) in March-2017.


Had initial phone interview with HR and was asked general questions about education and experience.

Was invited to come into their corporate HQ in Grand Rapids. Interviewed with the director, the manager, and a potential colleague. Was scheduled for one more colleague but that person was out of office last minute and I was informed they weren't coming. Also had lunch on them in their campus cafeteria. One interview was very standard with questions and answers both ways. Another was very 1 sided where the interviewer just made me talk about how I would approach the job which was very unconformable as I could only know so much coming out from out of the organization. I feel like this is where I lost the offer because saying the wrong thing in such an open ended question is easy.

Nice campus
Director very knowledgeable and gave an enjoyable interview

Company offered to pick up travel expenses. Filled out their form and turned it in but was never reimbursed.
No show on one of the interviews and last time slot canceled.
Too many interviews. By the end of it, the next interviewer had not much more to ask or add to information about company.
Was given multiple time frames from different interviewers as to when their decision would be made.

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