The Last Thing That Made Me Laugh Essay

There are things that I think I’m pretty good at – but few things that everyone would agree that I actually am good at. The one ability or trait that everyone seems to agree on is that I am a funny guy. I’m okay with that … I try really hard to be funny. In fact, I actually practice being funny. I have stories that I have told many, many times and what some people might mistake for exaggeration or hyperbole is actually my attempt to hone and refine the story I’m telling. So when I was asked what makes me laugh, I was a little surprise to discover what my answer was –

Very little actually makes me laugh – and the harder someone tries, the less likely I am to laugh. I’m telling you people, you can’t force it, you have to let the game come to you.

The things that make me laugh are generally not okay to laugh at … like someone falling, slipping, or tripping (assuming they don’t actually hurt themselves – pain isn’t funny either). Or when someone gets surprised and scared and they … blaargh!!! These things seem to make me laugh because they are organic and true. When you slip, you can’t be cool – you just can’t. Your arms shoot out and your eyes bug open … most times you even let out a high pitch, totally not cool, but genuine shriek.  You can’t control that – same is true when someone jumps out from around the corner and scares you. Those are funny moments.

Think Freud had an opinion about funny people who don’t laugh? Probably, but then again he wasn’t funny either. There have been a few people in my life that make me laugh and most of them don’t tell jokes. They tell stories of woe and accidental humiliation but are able to laugh at themselves and as a result I laugh along with them. Maybe this goes along with being a glass half full type person and always trying to find the positive side to things. I am not a joke teller but I do like a good story – its attitude and delivery; it’s knowing which word sounds better, wrinkling a brow and adding a pause at the right moment. When people can laugh at themselves when something goes wrong, it makes it okay to laugh with them. Ever been around someone who was laughing really, really hard and you couldn’t help but laugh with them even though you don’t know what they are laughing about? Or the person who is trying to tell you a story but they are dying laughing while they are trying to tell it?  That’s the best.

I love to laugh but I don’t do it too often, so here’s a shout out to the comedians in my life – you know who you are, and I love you for making me laugh.

Pull my finger,

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Many things made me happy but here are a list of things that me laugh. Kevin Hart by far is one of the top ten things or people to make me laugh. His jokes are just so outrageous to the point where I can’t breathe because of his humor. Watching his stand up events on YouTube is something I do on a rainy day to cheer myself up. When I first met Anthony Ferrentino I knew he was somewhat of a jokester. As the month of September passed, I found myself daily laughing at things he would say or do. I appreciate it a lot because when I’m feeling bad or upset he’ll say anything to make me smile. Shannon Rennie , there is really nothing else to say about her because she is just one of the greatest things ever. I love the fact that she can just sing Disney classics all day like its her job and everyone joins in. When our team is having a bad day or someone gets hurt somehow Shannon says something that just makes everything a whole lot better. I have personally grown really close with Shannon and her humor is just one of the great features to her. My team is one of the main things that make me laugh the most. Every time we are all put in a room together someone is either singing, dancing, rolling on the floor, or tickling someone. We are all a big family unit and we travel in the unit throughout the year. The greatest moments happen during practice. Sometimes, the Disney classics get so out of hand our coaches join in with us. Once, we had a sleepover at Gina’s house with all 15 girls. We did not go to sleep till after 1am when we had pep rally the next morning. We stayed up all night singing, making posters, giving each other ridiculous nick names, and then went to sleep by the sere-nation of Shannon Rennie. My friends really make me smile throughout the day. In english class, when we all disagree on something we all tend to back each other up 100%.   Amanda, Megan, Melissa, and myself also tend to complete each others thoughts. When people complete my sentences I find that...

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