Guyer High School Off Campus Lunch Essay

At the beginning of the year, we asked for parents to submit information in the Online Registration process (Infosnap). That was a one-time only submission process. Unfortunately, that was also a one-time only opportunity to change information. We realize that information does change throughout the year. So if you need something to be changed (added/deleted), here are the procedures. 

If you need to request changes to information of your student, please follow the steps below:



Include the Following Information:

  • Full Name of Student: Last, First
  • Student ID: 5 Digit number
  • Reason for Request: (examples)
    • Student Information
    • Student’s Contact Information
    • Student’s Medical Condition
    • Other (iPad, E-Communication, Disclosure, Honor Roll Lunch)

The change will be made within 24 hours but it may not be reflective in the Home Access Center (if applicable) for 48 hours. Click here for additional instructions.

The purpose of the Off-Campus Physical Education Program offered by Coppell Independent School District is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop high level capabilities and to allow them to be involved in an off-campus program that provides training exceeding that offered in the school district.

Program Description
The Off-Campus Physical Education program is a cooperative arrangement between the Coppell Independent School District and an approved off-campus sponsoring facility/agency. Activities are defined as those in which a student works with either a single teacher/coach or with a team teacher/coach at an approved agency during the regular school year.

Only students involved in the following activities will be considered for Off-Campus Physical Education: DANCE, EQUESTRIAN, FENCING, GYMNASTICS, ICE HOCKEY, ICE SKATING, MARTIAL ARTS, GOLF, ROCK CLIMBING, ROWING, SQUASH, SWIMMING, TENNIS, AND CYCLING.

Attention Parents: CISD will charge $150 per year (or $75 per semester) for a student to be enrolled in Off-Campus Physical Education. The fee will be used to offset the administrative cost of the program; for personnel to visit the programs to assure that the required TEA guidelines are being met; and for staff time required in processing the grades, attendance, and reports. 

A waiver will be granted to any student who qualifies for “Free and Reduced Lunch.”Enrollment in Off-Campus PE will not be granted until the proper fee and annual application is completed. Make checks payable to CISD and pay during schedule pick-up at your child’s campus. 

It is advisable that parents/student meet with his/her school counselor prior to enrollment of Off-Campus PE. 

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