Grade 10 History Essay Sample

Writing Guides for History Essays

Competent writing is the hallmark of an educated individual. Get used to doing it right! In this section, you will find guidelines for writing your History essays. The guidelines will be the same for each essay you write, so get familiar with these documents.

You will be using to submit your essay. Take a few moments to log into your account (or set one up if you don’t have one) and use the class ID and password to access your class. Your class ID and password will be given to you by your teacher.

Writing the Introduction to a History Essay

Three sample Introductions to a History Essay

Writing the Grade 10 History Essay

Writing the Senior History Essay (Gr. 11 & 12)

Cite This For Me: Documenting References in a History Essay – This website creates a bibliography for you & shows you how to reference your sources within the body of your essay. All you need to do is enter any information you know about your source (title, author, etc.) For our purposes, we will be using the APA style. Here is a brief video showing how to use the site. Here are INSTRUCTIONS for using Cite This For Me.

More information on plagiarism & how to avoid it.

The ABCDs of Evaluating Websites – There are several things you should look for when using online (or any) sources. This guide will help you ensure you are using reliable, accurate sources.

Checklist for Grade 10 History Essay

Sample Essay – The Greatest of the Slaughters 

Sample Essay – WITH Counterpoint

Also be sure to look at the NCDSB Writing Style Guide for High School Students in your Student Handbook, which provides further details. If you have any questions, they are likely answered in the handbook. Also, you are encouraged to show any work to your teacher for advice, as long as this is done at least two days before the due date.

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