Computer Boon Or Bane Essay

...History of Cybercrime Law in the Philippines The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is the first law in the Philippines which specifically criminalizes computer crime, which prior to the passage of the law had no strong legal precedent in Philippine jurisprudence. While laws such as the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 (Republic Act No. 8792) regulated certain computer-related activities, these laws did not provide a legal basis for criminalizing crimes committed on a computer in general: for example, Onel de Guzman, the computer programmer charged with purportedly writing the ILOVEYOU computer worm, was ultimately not prosecuted by Philippine authorities due to a lack of legal basis for him to be charged under existing Philippine laws at the time of his arrest. Although several cybercrime-related bills were filed in the 14th and 15th Congress, the Cybercrime Prevention Act in its current form is the product of House Bill No. 5808, authored by Representative Susan Yap-Sulit of the second district of Tarlac and 36 other co-authors, and Senate Bill No. 2976, proposed by Senator Edgardo Angara. Both bills were passed by their respective chambers within one day of each other on June 5 and 4, 2012, respectively, shortly after the impeachment of Renato Corona, and the final version of the Act was later signed into law by President Benigno Aquino III on September 12, 2012. (Wikipedia, 2012) Is...




Respected pedagogues and my dear friends , as everyone has two facets , both blessing and a curse . i am not at all in favour of my opponent’s  knowledgeable notions . in this 21st century of science & modernization , man has won victory over time and space but it has also led to the discovery of the computer  whose is a curse to the society , specially children .it  is one of the most devastating gadgets inthis contemporary world. so, my dear pals , i’ll be speaking against the motion.

just like there re strangers waiting to give candy to every unsuspected child onthe road ,there are strangers online too , eager to do something. unlike the real world , the strangers can say and be anything online but when a meeting is arranged the truth is on the scales. my dear friends, don’t think bullying can’t  be done on net . there hs been a rapid rise in the numbers of teen suicides due to the sake of cyber bullying ,which is a process through which the victim of deceive or dupe is targeted through social networking sites and the person is then treated with the hostile behavior of the swindler.

i firmly repudiate the view that teaching and learning process becomes more intriguing , if it is taught through computers. i ask my opponent that does the classroom teachings becomes lively or sprightly when the teacher is pouring in the details? can a computer give answers to all the querries of the learners ?

no , definetely not, as we have made computers not that computers have made us. so, the featured textbooks are more in consolidating / quenching the thirst of wisdom of young learners.

the online world or the real world is more forgiving than the real world , this is true for  those kids , who my lack self esteem & confidence to interct with their real world peers as they didn’t engage  in communications with their real world bullied ones sprightly and they are also not able to confront the day to day hindrances waiting for them, at every corner of the rooms of the houses of their lives & they are also  not able to combat the daily problems.

on the contrary , i apologitically say that most of the websites are full of crap . some of them are without age restrictions too. children misintendedly see them and want to indulge in those activities but they aren’t suppose to do so. for instance , if someone is on social networking site and singing a song in a video , the child gets fascinated by the video , and starts singing the song without knowing the actual meanings of the words which were coing in between of it . therefore , the child will become abusive and incorrigible , which is very much opprobrious for their parents .

child squanders his precious time and energy in applying distinct wish to BECOME FASTDIOUS CHILDREN Often become pestered. he forgets solutions of mathematics in finding out the solutions  to hang of computer .

on the another hand, we have playing games which re stupenduous that by inducing in it., children just become passive or lethargic looking at the monitor , glaring at the screen silently , straining their nerves. it diminishes physical ctivity and turns the  pupils into ‘ couch plump potatoes’.it stunts or retards a child’s  natural growthand gifts them with spectacles . what about it mam? it is know , of no secret , that childhood obesity is creeping faster than experts have ever imagined.

but now , the last , but not the least ,i want to ask the audince , ‘can every parents keep  watch on their growing ward , when they are browsing the net in their absence ?’ .no, definitely not. is it not causing the erosion of the moral values and ethics in the fields of the future? yes it is .

so, i whole heartedly oppose that computer is a boon for children. it is a big burden onthe tiny shoulders of the school going wailing child which is made  to carry  small satchel on them.

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