Sc131 Unit 3 Assignment

SC131 Unit 3 Discussion Hello Professor and Fellow Classmates, With cell-mediated immunity, it resists diseases caused by pathogens which live within the cell however; cell-mediated immunities may also destroy cells making abnormal amounts of normal molecules as seen in some types of cancer. With antibody-mediated immunity, it is effective against abnormalities outside of the cells much like bacteria and toxins. During antibody-mediated immunity, antibodies can attach to pathogens which are secreted into the blood and destroy them. The body works to recognize and differentiate the different cells in your body by way of innate immunity or nonspecific. Innate immunity is the body’s natural defense system in which you are born with. This defense system protects the body against all antigens. Innate immunity provides your body barriers which keep harmful materials such as toxins , chemicals, drugs, and foreign particles (such as a splinter) from entering your body. Innate immunity is your body’s first line of defense.

Unit 3 Seminar opTon #2: Leslie EsenweinSC131-Human Anatomy & Physiology II1.Would you vaccinate your children? Why/why not? Yes. I do vaccinate my children. ±here are many facts that back up scienTst’s evidence that vaccinaTons are not causing any harm to any child out there. AssumpTons from highly publicizedpeople are what started such a blunt rumor. And that is all it is, a RUMOR. ±here is no evidence staTng there is actual harm coming from vaccinaTons. I disagree that it is a problem to vaccinate our youth; I think the actual problem, is people who do not vaccinate their children which allowsthe spread of dangerous illness from one kid to 10,000,000 more. Another thing considered when I made this decision, was the fact that vaccinaTons are used to implement the full growth potenTal of the immune system for our youth. I don’t see how any parent could even look past that one factor. It is so vital for our youth to be given these vaccinaTons to ensure they develop properly, stay healthy, and prevent outbreaks…. Where’s the harm there?! ±here are no solid facts staTng there is anything harmful about the vaccinaTons, however there are ways parents can legally exempt their children from having to receive them for schooling.

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