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Aimee Thurlo is an American author of mystery and romantic suspense novels, often with Native American themes and sometimes written for young adults. She frequently teams up with David Thurlo, who she has been married to for over thirty years. Aimee co-authors the Ella Clah, Sister Agatha, Lee Nez and Navajo Rez series with David and has written several series on her own (usually romance), including Brotherhood of Warriors and Copper Canyon.

Aimee Thurlo first became a published novelist in 1984 with the standalone novel Fires Within. The first novel she co-authored with her husband David was Second Shadow. Below is a list of Aimee Thurlo’s books in order of when they were first published:

Publication Order of Ella Clah Books

Publication Order of Four Winds Books

Publication Order of Brothers Of Rock Ridge Books

Publication Order of Sister Agatha Books

Publication Order of Lee Nez Books

Publication Order of Sign Of The Gray Wolf Books

Publication Order of Brotherhood Of Warriors Books

Chronological Order of Brotherhood Of Warriors Books

Navajo Courage is a prequel novel that occurs prior to Council of Fire.

Publication Order of Long Mountain Heroes Books

Publication Order of Copper Canyon Books

Publication Order of Navajo Rez Books

A Time of Change(2013)

Publication Order of Charlie Henry Books

Publication Order of Trading Post Books

Looking Through Darkness(2015)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Notes: The Ella Clah, Sister Agatha, Lee Nez, Navajo Rez, Charlie Henry and Trading Post series along with the standalone novels Second Shadow and The Spirit Line were written with David Thurlo.

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Aimee Thurlo Synopsis:When Lightning Strikes is a contemporary romance novels by Aimee Thurlo and the first in her Sign of the Gray Wolf duology. Daniel Eagle (codename Lightning) is a Gray Wolf Pack agent. He has piercing dark eyes and muscles built to strike suddenly. The Gray Wolf Pack is an elite agency that was created to take on the most challenging cases in the Four Corners area. Lightning is tasked with finding Hannah Jones, who may be suffering from amnesia, along with a large quantity of money that has been stolen. Daniel was warned about her, but something tells him there’s more to the case and that Hannah is not a thief (unless you count stealing his heart).

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Havana , Cuba

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Aimee and David Thurlo are the authors of the Ella Clah mysteries, the Sister Agatha mysteries, the Lee Nez vampire novels all set in New Mexico. David grew up on the Navajo Indian Nation, and Aimee, a native of Cuba, lived in the southwest for forty years.

Aimée passed away peacefully at her home on the morning of February 28, 2014, after a brief struggle with cancer and related complications. She was attended by her husband of 43 years, David. Aimée was 62 years old.

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Aimée Thurlo isn't a Goodreads Author (yet), but they do have a blog, so here are some recent posts imported from their feed.
Blackening Song (Ella Clah, #1)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
3.94 avg rating — 903 ratings — published 1995 — 7 editions
Death Walker (Ella Clah, #2)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
3.97 avg rating — 505 ratings — published 1996 — 6 editions
Bad Medicine (Ella Clah, #3)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
3.99 avg rating — 471 ratings — published 1997 — 5 editions
Red Mesa (Ella Clah, #6)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
4.05 avg rating — 386 ratings — published 2001 — 4 editions
Enemy Way (Ella Clah, #4)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
really liked it 4.00 avg rating — 357 ratings — published 1998 — 7 editions
Mourning Dove (Ella Clah, #11)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
4.02 avg rating — 339 ratings — published 2006 — 6 editions
Bad Faith (Sister Agatha, #1)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
3.75 avg rating — 366 ratings — published 2002 — 5 editions
Coyote's Wife (Ella Clah, #13)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
4.06 avg rating — 351 ratings — published 2008 — 6 editions
Shooting Chant (Ella Clah, #5)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
4.03 avg rating — 335 ratings — published 2000 — 5 editions
Tracking Bear (Ella Clah, #8)
byAimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
3.98 avg rating — 299 ratings — published 2003 — 5 editions
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