Good Movie Piracy Research Paper Titles

Smuggling, piracy and sanctions-busting are all part of life on the ocean wave.

Traditionally maritime security has been defined through the narrow lens of piracy. But as the blue economy grows, African states need to embrace a broader strategy.

Many African countries are sitting on vast and under-utilised oceanic territories that have the potential to unlock enormous economic value, if properly governed.

The tanker hijacking off the Somali coast will not be an isolated incident unless the international community remains engaged to root out piracy.

The new motoring series will be used to help launch another video on demand service in Australia. But will consumers find away to access the show and avoid paying another fee?

Managing maritime security is a challenging endeavour. Forms of maritime crime include piracy, drug and arms smuggling.

The Productivity Commission's report into copyright reform will be good for the public, good for innovation and good for Australia.

Cyber security is now a priority for the government, with $230 million committed to its new Cyber Security Strategy. But is it enough?

The world's third-largest movie industry in Nigeria is in danger of collapse. It is not to do with patrons staying away from the films. It is caused by a menace right in the heart of the industry.

When it comes to accessing online learning materials, university students don't think much about whether their downloads might amount to piracy or copyright infringement.

Illegal downloads proliferate during awards season. Are film leaks simply the cost of doing business?

This could be the final act in the legal battle to recoup money from Australians who allegedly illegally downloaded the movie, Dallas Buyers Club.

A welcome fall in the number of people in Australia who admit to pirating movies and television shows. But what's the cause off this shift in online behaviour?

Anxious addict or conscious cowboy? A new view on illegal downloading

David Court, Australian Film, Television and Radio School; Annie Parnell, Australian Film, Television and Radio School; Bridget Callow-Wright, Australian Film, Television and Radio School; Chloe Rickard, Australian Film, Television and Radio School; Ester Harding, Australian Film, Television and Radio School, and Peter Drinkwater, Australian Film, Television and Radio School

Beginning about 20 years ago, the internet placed almost the entirety of human creation in an unguarded window display and said, in effect, help yourself. But that's not to say all illegal downloaders are the same.

The Federal Court has said no to an attempt to claim potentially thousands of dollars from people who illegally downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club. But the downloaders are not in the clear yet.

The government's new anti-piracy bill is not the best solution to online piracy. What really works is easily accessible and affordable legal means to acquire the latest content.

The way Africa consumes is music has changed dramatically because of the smartphone explosion.

How much might Australians caught illegally downloading Dallas Buyers Club be charged for their indescretion?

Downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal, but is it morally equivalent to stealing a DVD?

Australians are amongst the top pirates of movies and television worldwide, but that may change in time.

Option #2: Your Position on Electronic Policing

Develop athesis statement on the topic of electronic policing and anti-plagiarism software and write an argumentative essay. Your chosen topic needs to be specific and might address a question like the ones you see in these examples:

  • Should student writers be subject to having their work checked by anti-plagiarism software? Why or why not? 
  • Is anti-plagiarism software an effective deterrent to stealing published work? Why or why not? 
  • You may choose another topic regarding electronic policing as well; just be sure that your main thesis addresses the topic of electronic policing. 

Strive forat least three strong argumentsin addition to acounterargument and refutation (this resource [pdf] will help you craft your counter argument and refutation). Usingargumentative topic sentencesthat include your opinion for each section can help ensure the majority of your essay is argumentative. For example, "First, students should be subject to having their work checked by anti-plagiarism software because...." Then be sure to support that claim with researched data. Conclude each paragraph with a sentence that summarizes the paragraph's main ideas.

Sample Thesis Statement:

Ideally, a thesis would include the major assignment objectives for the essay, which in this case would be your claim/opinion, reasons why you have that opinion, and the counter-argument: "Students' work should be checked by anti-plagiarism software because (add argument 1), (add argument 2), and (add argument 3), even though (add counterargument focus)."

Useat least three credible sources(the author should be considered an expert on the topic in which he or she writes; try Google Scholar to search), such as books, articles, and websites, to support your thesis. Include a mix ofcited paraphrases, summaries, and quotesin your argumentative research paper. Use the MLA format to create proper parenthetical citations as well as aWorks Citedpage at the end of your essay. For additional Works Cited assistance visit and use the left navigation menu to locate the type of reference you need.

Length: This assignment should be at least 750 words

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information (Tip: This simple header is formatted according to MLA style guidelines. Note that you will not use a title page, which is more common in APA style. Failure to follow MLA guidelines will constitute a point deduction):

  • Your first and last name 
  • Course Title (Composition I) 
  • Assignment name (Argumentative Essay) 
  • Current Date 


  • Three sources, documented using MLA style
  • Last name and page number in upper-right corner of each page 
  • Double-spacing throughout
  • Title, centered after heading
  • Standard font (Times New Roman or Calibri)
  • 1" margins on all sides
  • Save the file as .docx  or  .doc format

Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

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