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top MBA can open up the doors to fantastic professional opportunities. While everyone wants to get into the best MBA programs like Harvard Business School, Stanford and Wharton, the ground realities are different. For a top ranking full-time MBA program or an executive MBA, the cut-throat global competition coupled with the complicated MBA application process can be stumbling blocks even for the strongest MBA applicants. In fact, while it’s tougher in general for international candidates, statistics indicate that Indians more likely to be rejected by the top b-schools.

Whether it’s GMAT preparation or a profile evaluation or you are writing MBA essays and need some reviewing & editing help or you need MBA interview tips, we can smoothen the ride for you. Our MBA admission consultants in India & abroad have an in-depth understanding of the MBA application process and can help you increase your chances of getting into the top MBA universities and colleges.

Our virtual operating model helps us offer the same top quality admission consulting services in India, Australia, Singapore, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, UAE, South Africa, UK, China, Spain, Nigeria, Canada, Japan, Cameroon and any other country where you may be located.

Send us an email: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.


Why we exist

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of resources & services that will help many deserving applicants get access to the opportunities that currently seem out of reach. Read more about our vision.

Why the funny name?

Our flagship product (MBA MAP) allows applicants to gaze into the future and take corrective actions in the present. Pretty much like a ‘Crystal Ball’. Profound, eh?

Our MBA Consultants

The pedigree of any advisory team can be judged by the calibre of its consultants. Our MBA admissions consultants have brands like Stanford, McKinsey & Cambridge on their resumes.

Career Counselling

Admit it, you have career issues and you don’t know what to do about them. Our free (career guidance tool) and paid (career counselling) options might help.

Free Profile Evaluation

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the confusing pre-requisites & uncertainties of an MBA program? We’ll simplify things for you with a free profile evaluation.

MBA Mock Application Process

While your competitors are creating risky, half-baked strategies, you can strengthen yours by using our MBA Mock Application Process (MBA MAP™).

MBA Essay Editing

Submit winning applications to the top MBA colleges, possibly with MBA scholarships. Our services include MBA essay editing, brainstorming & interview prep.


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What we have listed here is only a sneak preview of what this website has to offer. Use the various links (don’t miss the MBA blog and the MBA forum) to explore specific topics that you are interested in. We have plenty on other Masters degrees too.

If you are looking for something that we haven’t talked about here, send us an email at info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.

I worked with Michelle Stockman for almost 4 months, and I couldn't be happier with the assistance and support I received.

I initially had a free consultation call with Michelle, during which time we discussed schools, my profile, and the process of the application. Following this, I got started with my essays and boy, was I glad I signed up with Accepted! Michelle added great value to my essays in terms of providing suggestions to improvise, and polishing my essay drafts. She helped me identify valuable points about my profile that I didn't realize initially, and incorporated them to strengthen my essay pitch. Michelle also was very quick to respond to my drafts and emails, and was very honest in her feedback, which I also appreciated.

Overall, I would definitely recommend signing up with Accepted!


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