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The human trafficking research paper sample presented here covers the issue of present-day slavery. Even though slavery was abolished almost two hundred years ago, millions of people worldwide are slaves. The issue of human trafficking is an international problem that many countries are trying to fight with. Nowadays, human trafficking takes many forms including labor exploitation, forced marriage, sexual slavery, begging, and others. At the moment, all the continents are included in the international human trafficking network. Though there are no evident signs of human trade, its activity is enormous. Since all the deeds related to trafficking are illegal, people engaged in it refuse to help the police or avoid giving them any necessary information. As a result, such state of affairs makes it difficult to overcome the existing problem. At the same time, thousands of slaves suffer from humiliation, physical and emotional abuse all over the world.

The current human trafficking research paper emphasizes that at the moment the scope of human trade is tremendous, but its real costs will be obvious years from now. Taking into account the nature of the issue as well as qualities of people involved in trafficking, it is difficult to make even approximate estimates. Nevertheless, many experts state that demand on slaves and their supply increase. According to some estimates, at least 450 000 people from Asian and African countries as well as Middle East cross European borders illegally each year. When speaking about the United States, it should be noted that here the scale of human trafficking is larger, reaching approximately 800 000 illegal immigrants each year. Under aged children and women constitute two thirds of all victims of human trafficking. What is more important, many illegal immigrants gave money to traffickers for their services and, therefore, they cannot be officially regarded as trafficking victims. However, too often people fall victims to traffickers even though they paid for the opportunity to live better life. Human trafficking is an attractive business due to its minimal risks and high profits. In addition, people can be resold bringing even higher profits to the traffickers. Therefore, human trade is spread all over the world since it is the main activity of many international criminal groups.

The human trafficking research paper states that though present-day slavery has common features with traditional slavery, there are a number of differences between them. Slaveholders completely control their slaves while the latter have to obey them and do everything that is required. As to the differences between human trafficking and traditional slavery, it should be noted that modern slaveholders have to carefully hide their slaves and control their activity in order to avoid making the situation public since human trafficking is illegal. Moreover, slaveholders cannot rely on the law; therefore, they often have to threaten slaves to make them obey or even beat them. In addition, traffickers can resort to violence against the family members of a slave to make him/her obey. Modern slaves have to cover transportation costs that leads to getting into debt bondage. Receiving rather small salary, they can only pay off some part of their debt and cover some living expenses. Slaveholders do not care for their slaves, and if a victim gets ill, he/she is left alone to die. Therefore, the prohibition of slavery made traffickers search for the new, illegal ways of selling people.

The human trafficking research paper draws attention to the fact that current mechanisms and reasons for human trafficking have to be researched in detail to overcome the problem. However, there are many obstacles on the way of dealing with an illegal issue. Too often, it is difficult to gather necessary information since the victims are unwilling to cooperate with the authorities or the police or take part in some studies. In addition, the slaves chosen for sampling may have strong biases and cannot provide accurate information. As a result, certain psychological features and migration patterns, which are believed to be the reasons for trafficking, are based on the biased data. Regardless of the fact that research on human trafficking is at an early stage, there are some useful findings related to the forms and ways of trafficking that can help to understand the core of the problem. In addition, the government should put a lot of effort into making the public aware of the issue and its risks in order to help the police abolish suspicious schemes and prevent further incidents of human trafficking by all means.

The human trafficking research paper concludes that modern slavery is regarded as one of the biggest international crimes that influence people’s lives. It brings high profits to criminals while demanding really low start-up costs. What is ridiculous in this situation is that in many cases people voluntarily become the slaves paying for their transportation in search of better life. They hope to get better jobs with higher salaries as traffickers promise. Thus, the understanding of the problem and increased public awareness may prevent future crimes and save the lives of many people.

Slavery at this day and age may be something that people assume is already nonexistent when actually, instead of being a part of history, it is something that is still being done today but in another form and with another name.

Slavery means that human beings are being sold are being forced into doing things that they do not want to do. They are coerced into doing labour that their own bodies cannot take and their freedom, their right to make decisions are roughly taken away from them. Based on these things that are mentioned, will it be hard to compare slavery that other people have experienced before to human trafficking?

Human trafficking also violates the rights of people who are forced into being a part of the whole system. There are different traffickers that are available all over the world and they may be on the Internet or anywhere else. Most traffickers choose people who are most vulnerable to be their prey. They choose those who are burdened by poverty, people who do not know their rights and will feel that they do not deserve any type of justice to be given to them. Most traffickers promise these people new life, something that they can look forward to but they are only trapped into doing things that they do not want to do.

Human Trafficking has made it possible for people to be sold for a variety of different reasons. At times, some people are sold for the same reason that the slaves of before were purchased, in order to serve those who have more money and in power. For some, traffickers sell people for sexual exploitation. Most of those who become victims of human trafficking are usually abducted or are forced to do things against their will. The worse thing about human trafficking is though most of the victims are from those who are burdened by destitution, there are also some who are perfectly aware of their rights but because they were forced, they cannot do anything about it anymore.

It is important to take note that slavery may not be called slavery anymore but it does not mean that it has gone away. It has just changed its name but the form may be the same. It can target anyone. It is already widespread all over the world with women and children usually targeted more often than men but this does not mean that men are spared from this really bad.

There are a lot of people who become victims of human trafficking because of their dream to go to another country to work. Human traffickers usually assure them that everything is okay but the moment that they arrive in a new place, they are made into sex slaves or sometimes people who will do labour for no or just a little bit amount of money. Being more knowledgeable about various things can always be helpful in avoiding the traps set by human traffickers.

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