The Importance Of Pets Essay

I think that one of the most enriching and delightful experiences in life is to own a pet. An animal which you nurture and take care of by yourself or with the help of your family is bound to be an almost never ending source of joy and happiness, a creature which will be very grateful to you and who will amaze you with its tricks and personality. But why is having a pet so important and what are the benefits of having a pet around your house ?

On today’s post I want to talk to you about the many benefits of having a pet and how these animals can have a very positive overall impact on your life despite the financial cost and the time it will take “away” from you. Even though having a pet involves additional cleaning, spending, doctor appointments and time, there are many rewards which can be taken from the whole experience you gain when you decide to get a pet. So what are these reasons why having a pet is so beneficial ?

1. Responsibility. When you get a pet you will – without a doubt – have to take care of a creature which will depend entirely on you. The life or death of another being will be in your hands and this alone will make you a more responsible person. You will need to always keep a watchful eye on your pet and this will boost your ability to control other tasks. Effectively having a pet makes a person more responsible, the level of commitment and care of the owner will inevitably reflect on their pet.

2. Managing time. Having a pet is not something that you can do without having to give it a significant amount of your time. This usually means that you will have to make room in your schedule for your little friend something which will put your time managing skills to the test. Having a pet and getting organized around it is a good exercise to develop time managing abilities.

3. Nurturing. One of the best benefits of having a pet is that you will understand that living beings have needs and that these needs have to be taken care of. You will become a more nurturing and caring person and this will most likely reflect on other aspects of your life. It is not a coincidence that many great parent are also great pet owners who are very caring and loving of the living creatures around them.

4. Emotional Link. The act of actually grooming and petting your little friend will create a great emotional link between you which will last for both of your life times. You will always remember the times you spent together and you will remember that special bond that put you created and that made you so happy.

5. Better Health. Most people who have pets enjoy better health than those who don’t. Active pet owners who care and play with their pets enjoy an additional dose of exercise while all pet owners who have strong relationships with their pets also have strong bonds that lower their stress rates and therefore prevent various types of illness related with these conditions.

6. Learning About Life. It is very important for people to know that nothing is eternal and that both humans and animals live and die. Having a pet helps people understand the cycle of life and how everything we have is bound to end someday. Dealing with life and death is one of the most difficult tasks in life and owning a pet prepares individuals to deal with the harsh emotional events in life. People who have owned several pets during their life time deal better with emotional trials and better endure emotional loses in their lives.

So these are some of the most important reasons why I believe everyone should have a pet at least once in their life time. Not only do pets increase responsibility, time management skills and improve health but they also help us learn about life and death and they teach us about bonding and nurturing. So if you have been thinking about buying a pet for you and your family and you have the time and money available then you should absolutely get one, it is almost certain that you will not regret it !

Pets are not human but display a lot of human qualities like strong personalities, emotions, preferences, etc. While pets are mere domesticated animals for those who do not possess them, for those few who do they are not just dogs, cats, or birds; they are family.

Despite the odds favouring owners outliving their pets, pet owners are inclined to keep on getting themselves new pets when the old ones pass away. If one has been the receiver of unconditional love and affection from a pet and has enjoyed a pets undemanding companionship then one is addicted for life.

Pets work wonders for your body, soul, and mind. They stimulate your sense of well-being. They give you love, they give you laughter, but above all they give you happiness. They don’t care about your looks, your financial status, your social standing, your creed, your race, your age, your state of health. They see you for who you are; minus the trappings of your daily existence. It is probably this quality of unconditional acceptance that sets pets apart from humans.

Anyone who has loved and owned a pet knows that a pet can be a source of enormous comfort in times of disappointment or grief.

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The instances for sorrow and heartache tend to build up as one grows older: the loss of a life partner, the loss of a friend, the loss of an ex- colleague, the loss of lifestyle, the loss of familiar surroundings, the loss of physical abilities, the lack of the opportunity to do meaningful work, and most importantly the loss of importance.

Looking after a pet often involves activities, like walking the pet, grooming the pet, playing with the pets. All these activities help to keep its owner active. Pets provide many seniors a reason to get out of bed and carry on with their lives.

Pet ownership provides several physiological, social and psychological benefits. For senior citizens, whose human support systems have been seriously compromised, pets along with companionship provide affection and understanding as well. Looking after a pet makes seniors feel wanted and needed. This consciousness of being useful fills them with a feeling of self esteem.

Pets counter gloominess and loneliness and often serve as a social conduit to other people. They help satisfy the need to touch and be touched by other living beings. Many old people who have lost their spouses have been known to experience lesser depression in the presence of a pet.

Medical research has proved that pets increase the longevity of those who have had heart attacks. In many cases their presence has been known to reduce blood pressure as well.

Children who have pets have better immune systems and are less likely to take days off from school. While pets cannot be considered as human replacements, there is no doubt of their ability to alleviate feelings of isolation that humans of all ages are prey to.

Pets are the silent custodians of children’s secrets and private thoughts.

Pets are not a cure, and not a substitute. They are a recommendation for happiness, fun, friendship, love, activity and better health.

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