Cloisons Partena Sdms Homework

SDMS is celebrating Read Across America Day on Friday, March 2 with an author visit from Paul Volponi, author of 11 Young Adult Novels including a former Teen Nutmeg Nominee about college basketball titled The Final Four. Paul Volponi is a writer, teacher, and journalist who lives in New York City. He spent six years teaching incarcerated youth to read and write at Riker's Island which inspired two of his novels. Recently, he self-published a short non-fiction book about the history of how sports teams received their names: That’s My Team! The History, Science and Fun Behind Sports Teams’ Names. This book will be for sale for $7.00 on Friday and Paul will be available to sign purchased books.

Students will all have the opportunity to hear Paul Volponi speak in one of two assemblies; interested students will join him for lunch or for a creative writing workshop in the library later in the day. Paul's visit kicks off a month of March Madness Reading Brackets organized by the library staff and the SDMS Literacy Committee. Many of Paul's books are available in the school library or in teachers' classroom libraries.

The author visit was organized by the SDMS Library Media Center Staff with the support of the Language Arts teachers and paid for through the generosity of the SDMS Parent Action Committee (PAC). 

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