Ww2 Pearl Harbor Books Bibliography


Miller, Jim D., G. S. Flannigan, W. J. Bush, A. R. Schubert, J. S. Doherty, and S. Q. Fuqua. "USS Arizona (BB-39) Action Report: 7 Dec 1941."

USS Arizona (BB-39) Action Report: 7 Dec 1941

. Naval Historical Center, 11 June 2001. Web. 27 Nov. 2013. From these interviews, we learned that the raid alarm of the USS Arizona was supposed to signal three blasts, although most people only heard one before the explosion happened. According to Jim D. Miller, the captain was not on the ship at the time of the attack. To G. Flannigan, there was nothing on the speaker system and there was too much smoke to see anything. Another man named W. Bush had desperately tried to extinguish the fires, but there were no available supplies on hand. A. Schubert was on deck when the attack started, and so he saw low-winged monoplanes with the

“meatballs” (the Japanese red disc symbolizing the sun) on the underside of the wings.

To Doherty, the air raid alarm had sounded too late, at the exact same time the bombing started. At 7:55, fifteen torpedo planes, a dive bomber, and around thirty other planes were spotted attacking USS Arizona. Another man onboard the ship named S. Fuqua recalled that around 9:00 AM, USS Arizona had run out of anti-airplane ammunition, and everyone had to abandon ship. "Oral History Pearl Harbor Attack: Oral History: LT Erickson."

Oral History Pearl Harbor  Attack: Oral History: LT Erickson

. Naval History and Heritage Command, n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2013. This interview was about a nurse named Ruth Erickson, who tended to injured survivors of the bombing. We learned that normally, there were aircraft practices on weekends for

the military and that at first, the people weren‟t bothere

d by the planes. The civilians went on with life, thinking that the deadly planes were part of a normal drill. Erickson had many patients who were burnt on their faces, arms, and legs.

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This is a bibliographyof works on World War II.


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East African Campaign[edit]

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Operation Bodyguard[edit]

Liberation of Europe[edit]

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Operation Bagration[edit]

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Battle of Berlin[edit]

Pacific theatre[edit]

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Adolf Hitler

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

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Pope Pius XII

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Harry S. Truman

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