Who Invented Holiday Homework For Class



Name these-

A)The devices which are used to give data and instructions to the computer.

B)The device used to take photographs and record videos.

C)The output we see on the monitor.

D)The unit of CPU which is used to do calculations and take logical decisions.

E)The raw information.

F)The processed form of data.

G)The input device used to record voice into the computer system.

H)The inventor of the computer mouse.

I)The inventor of QWERTY keyboard layout.

J)The other name of Hand Held Scanner.

Les devoirs des vacances

1. Complète comme dans l’example (complete as given in example):

   A  comme     ___ avion_________                       M   comme       ____________________

   C  comme     _________________                       P   comme       ____________________

   E  comme     ________________ _                       S    comme      ____________________

   G  comme     _________________                      V    comme      ____________________

   K  comme     _________________                      Y    comme      ____________________

2. Écrivez l’alphabet (write down the pronunciation of alphabets in French):

    A        _______________             J       __________________      S    __________________

    B        _______________            K       __________________       T   __________________

    C       _______________             L       __________________        U   __________________

    D       _______________            M       __________________       V    __________________

    E       _______________            N        __________________       W   __________________

    F       _______________            O       ___________________      X     __________________

    G      ________________           P       ___________________      Y     __________________

    H      ________________           Q       ___________________      Z     __________________

    I       ________________           R       ___________________

3.  Epelle les prenoms des 4 camarades (spell out the names of 4 classmates):

   1.  _______________________________________________________________________________

   2.  _______________________________________________________________________________

   3.  _______________________________________________________________________________

4._______________________________________________________________________________   4.  _______________________________________________________________________________

Dear Parent,

‘Exciting time is here again! Its time for Summer  Vacation and fun filled activities’.

Children are reservoirs of potential which needs to be tapped and channelized in diverse ways. We at TMS,LUCKNOW feel that it is very important to fire their imagination and foster an outlook that helps them explore, discover and rediscover. Children should be encouraged to develop intellectually and physically. Summer Vacation is the best and fruitful time for learning and for nurturing creativity. It is the time when you can connect with your child in many ways. The Holiday Homework designed would not only enhance achievements of your children but also help to enhance family relationships. It would teach your child to work independently and would improve their basic academic skills, such as reading, writing, and spellings and would help them develop personal skills and time management. A few suggestions that you may keep in mind.

Ø Spend quality time with your children. Take them out to outings and  have fun time together.

Ø Help your children to become independent by giving them responsibilities.

 Involve them in small household activities.

 Ø Inculcate in them good manners, healthy habits and respect for elders.

Ø Converse with your children in English.

Ø Encourage your children to read books to enhance their language skills.

Reading will also boost their interpretative skills and provide them

valuable literary experience.

Ø Cultivate sportsmanship by encouraging your children to play various

indoor and outdoor games. Remember that Summer Vacation is the time to relax and enjoy.

So spend these holidays creating a nurturing and stimulating environment filled with fun, frolic, learning and education.









Let's Be Creative -  Make a collage of any one state. Write few lines about it and paste pictures of its food, dress, festival, dance, language and famous personality on a half chart paper.

Do project ch-1 Our rich heritage.

Revise ch1 ,Our rich heritage for SA 1







Do Project  Ch- Roman Numerals.

Do the given worksheet in the note book.

Write tables from 1- 20 in the note book.








It’s Holiday Time !!!!

With leisure at hand let's fly high up in the sky, burst the bubble of the cloud. Let it shower you with colors ,ideas and creativity.

 SPIN A YARN - Write a story on the following lines are given for you to create a story of your own using your imagination. (Choose any two)                                         


When I was in a lift and suddenly electricity went off.


When i got separated from my parents in a mall while shopping.


The audience was enjoying my performance on stage and suddenly my mask came out.

Project dictionary skill--

Pick up a dictionary. Look for words starting with the first three letters of your name. Choose 5 words and write their meaning. Use your imagination  create a picturesque representation of words through illustrations/ facial expression/stick drawing, etc on the given sheet.

Project Homophones --

Compose a poem using Homophones. Highlight them and write their respective homophones. Differentiate between the Homophones through illustrations on the given sheet.

Read a story book(at least five stories). Prepare a WORD WALL  of  fifty difficult words that you read in the story








जबमेराग्रीष्मावकाशआरम्भहुआतो ....

विषयपरएकअनुच्छेद (सौ शब्दों ) लिखें






Do the given worksheet in the note book.




Do the given worksheet in the note book.


Personally, my view is that homework is totally unnecessary for primary school pupils and those in the first three years of secondary school education. However, I will concede that it is necessary when students reach their crucial exam years.

At that stage – from year 10 and higher – homework assignments serve a purpose; they provide opportunities for students to develop valuable skills in independent research, academic citing, and the fundamental principles of academic honesty.

>> Parents paid £600 'to help their children with homework'

Ultimately each school, teacher and parent will draw their own line in the sand when determining the correct age for pupils to be given homework; but discussions over homework should not stop there.

What must be asked is the value homework provides to students and, in my opinion, that debate should be based upon three questions:

• Is that homework beneficial for the student’s personal education goals?

• Will homework assignments help to develop the student’s independent learning skills?

• How can educators guard against placing undue pressure on students and help parents support their child’s learning?

Today, league tables and exam results have created a mechanistic education system. Schools, pupils and teachers are too often focused on achieving scores and targets.

In my view, this underpins the homework debate, and it completely negates the truest goal of education, which is to inspire and nurture a student’s love for learning.

For parents, when it comes to homework, there is a fine line between helping your children and doing the work for them. Just as teachers should avoid placing unwarranted pressure on their students, parents should appreciate that by doing the work for them, they are in fact hindering their child’s ability to think independently.

Homework becomes an exercise in futility if children aren’t allowed to take charge of their own learning. Instead, parents should put their efforts into providing an environment which helps to instil a real desire to learn.

>> School bans homework to give pupils more 'family time'

As I have already stated, there will always be times, such as exam preparation, when parents and teachers need to ensure students are studying at home. In my opinion, the true issue isn’t whether students should work at home, it’s whether homework should be routinely assigned?

If schools are teaching correctly and engaging students, the majority of homework becomes irrelevant. In my experience, engaged students regardless of age will, on their own initiative, actively seek to advance their knowledge and learning outside of school. In such cases the teacher and parent roles should then act to support this drive in whatever way they can.

In my own school (which I should mention is an international sixth-form boarding school), we try to use experiential learning to engage and enthuse our students. We do this by providing a dual programme which sees students split their school time equally between academics and corresponding extra-curricular activities.

Frequently, students themselves will take the lead in setting up extra-curricular activities outside of school hours.

>> Extra-curricular activities are worth the extra effort

Having taught in many kinds of schools in the UK and abroad, I can honestly say that no-other curriculum does more to encourage students to become actively involved in their own learning.

While I accept that not every school will have the luxury of adopting a co-curricular programme to the extent we have; it’s an option I actively encourage them to try, and I believe it would be more readily welcomed by their students.

Personally, I don’t think schools should routinely issue students with homework (particularly below GCSE classes). Ultimately, as a parent your question shouldn’t be “why are schools giving so much homework?” but rather, “is this homework relevant, interesting and does it encourage independent thinking?”

John Walmsley is principal of UWC Atlantic College

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